Counseling for Couples & Sex Addiction Recovery in Upland, CA

Couples Therapy for Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Glendora, CA

You need couples therapy that works! You're marriage is falling apart and you need real strategies to fix it. Learn how couples counseling can help.

Couples Therapy That Works

You really want this relationship to work. You’re invested; in it for the long haul. But right now, you’re not happy. You still love each other, but you’re so tired of the tension, the silence, the awkwardness. Sometimes, the fighting. Why can’t you get through to each other? Why can’t you just talk anymore?

You might think that if your partner just understood you, things would be fine. But you can’t seem to get them to listen. You end up talking over each other or shutting down, stonewalling. Couples therapy can break through that cycle, help you communicate with your partner better, and give you hope for the relationship you’ve been longing for.

Couples counseling is different from seeing a therapist for yourself. The relationship is the “client,” not just one person. We look at the patterns in communication, not just one specific argument. We slow things down (way down!), so you can learn how to really talk to your partner in a way that they’ll actually hear you. That’s the goal of couples therapy: being heard. Believe it or not, you don’t have to agree on everything. The beauty of relationships is how our differences complement each other, not how alike we are.

When To Find a Couples Therapist

Couples find me when they need help talking to each other. Sometimes, they’ve been hurt by betrayal, like porn addiction or infidelity. Sometimes, they’ve just gotten overwhelmed with the stresses of life and the expectations of their partner. I give couples practical strategies and skills to communicate better and see the best in each other.

If you’re tired of feeling lonely in your relationship, schedule a phone consultation and start feeling passionate about your partner again!